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Executive Dashboard

Dashboards on Data Central are designed to put data at the fingertips of UTK leadership and campus constituents and to allow them to leverage verifiable data for strategic decision-making. SAS Visual Analytics is the reporting platform used to provide charts, graphs and other visualizations for the Graduate Blueprint, Enrollment Management Dashboard, Human Resources Dashboard, Academic Unit Stats, and Student Success. Key performance indicators (KPIs), PDF reports, and other links are embedded within the dashboard components to supplement the reporting tools and provide a rich data experience to the campus community.

Graduate Blueprint
The Graduate Blueprint shares a data-driven picture of the life cycle of graduate student progress. SAS reports provide a detailed view of admissions, enrollment, support, success, and placement information. Enrollment, Support, and Success information is available for the Graduate School, Law School, and College of Veterinary Medicine. Admissions data is available for the Graduate School only. Placement information focuses on those students who have earned doctoral degrees.

Enrollment Management Dashboard
The Enrollment Management (EM) Dashboard focuses on the undergraduate experience. Reports within the EM Dashboard highlight undergraduate enrollment and admissions data for building out each new class of Volunteer undergraduates. Additional reports provide demo/bio data, geographic mix, and affordability information for enrolled and admitted students. The Orange Report, available on the main page, is a one-page snapshot of both graduate and undergraduate enrollment information. The Cohort Default Rate PDF is available on the Affordability page for the most recent year and several previous.

Human Resources Dashboard
The Human Resources Dashboard provides data on faculty and staff in the areas of workforce statistics, compensation, employee trends, and recruitment. Specialty reports include data points such as retirement eligibility, academic rank and tenure status, salary statistics, staff turnover, and many others. Most of the reports focus on employees in a regular employee status, although the Workforce Statistics Overview does include headcount information on student employees and employees in temporary status.

Academic Unit Stats
Academic Unit Stats (AUS) provides colleges and departments with point-in-time reports based on census/frozen data. The data in AUS covers areas such as enrollment, degrees, credit hours, and faculty and staff. The data that is reported in AUS is also the data used for official counts for reporting purposes such as state and federal reporting and college guides and rankings.

Student Success
Student Success Dashboards provide insight to colleges and departments on their students' success. Areas of focus include Graduation and Retention, along with course success for the first year freshmen and transfer cohorts.

Academic Reporting Portal
The Academic Reporting Portal, abbreviated as ARP, provides up-to-date data on areas such as enrollment, courses, and graduation. Unlike the areas listed above, the ARP is a reporting tool developed in the Argos reporting platform. Data in the ARP is updated daily.

Faculty Reporting Database
The Faculty Reporting Database is a repository that provides a comprehensive view of faculty activity, including instruction; research, scholarship, and creative achievements; and service. The Faculty Reporting Database is delivered through the Elements platform. Data is maintained by each faculty member within Elements, which is then used as the source for a faculty member's annual activity report. The Faculty Reporting Database is also referred to as the Faculty Activity Reporting system (FAR).

Student Directory Information
Student Directory Information provides basic student identification information for the current term. The data available includes name, level, classification, full-time/part-time status, college, major, address, and email address. Although email address is included in the available data, this tool should not be used to generate mass emails to students. Like the ARP, the Student Directory Information report is available from the Argos reporting platform.

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