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The information provided in this module provides an analysis of employee salaries by selected criteria and a regular position breakdown of filled and unfilled positions. Caution must be used when making assumptions about the data as many factors impact this aggregate data, such as job title, length of service, full-time and part-time status, prior experience, and market range for the specific job.

Available Reports
Compensation Overview

Regular Employee Salaries

Provides a glimpse into the minimum, maximum, and average salary of regular employees by job family.

Faculty Salaries

Provides average faculty salaries by race and ethnicity, sex, generation, and years of service.

Average Staff Salaries

Provides average staff salaries by race and ethnicity, sex, generation, exempt or non-exempt status, and years of service.

Salaries for All Staff Job Families

Provides a static salary average of all salaries combined by job family.

Staff Salaries by Generation

Provides average salaries for one selected job family by generation and exempt or non-exempt status.

Staff Salaries by Years of Service

Provides average salaries for one selected job family based on years of service ranges.

Faculty by CIP

Provides average salaries for faculty within each Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code.

Position Analysis

Position Overview

Provides a list of regular positions broken out by filled, unfilled, and total positions.

Position by Job Family

Provides a count of regular positions filled and unfilled by job family.

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